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some people spend a life time searching for what i found in your eyes<3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
<33always .. sammy *

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y0Ur s0O amAziiNgggg<3 [Oct. 19th, 2004|06:31 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |highhiiqH * haha riSs =P]
[music |my b0o - uSher]

omgg jav ur tha bestesttt!! lol ur too funnie..nd i told him tha story just not who it was about-ohh well haha ilyssm bFfl .. riss i l0Ve my p0ThEad! umm im not on crack just a little dizzy - eww how gross what a slut? woOps ourr badd- but we can be worse! lol haha ilyssm bFfl * pitty ii l0ve y0u s0o muCh always here<3 i wish u didnt have to go =[ .. nic0le im drunk im slurring my wordsssssss lol haha ilyssm funniestt times!! .. ally ur new naMe <3 haha .. jiLl ii q0t f0od * omg tha gh0st s0o sCary! .. umm randi u dont have to brag lol our little plan is gonna work lyk a charmm ;] * hehe ilyssm bFfl ..

omgg jill is s0o sexzii * i l0ve her s0o muCh shes tha beStest evEr ! .. ii caNt liVe w/0 hEr .. shEs s0o fuNny * stiiCks .. hEhe .. bEst frieNds f0reVer .. hAPpy jiLl ?? haha iLySsm * bFfl bAbe <3

merrick w0ods-miss u guys lyk crazyyy! cw til 'O5

jesse ii l0ve y0U s0o muCh bAbiieee<3
hes s0o stupiD nd sheS s0o aNn0yiiNq * hA iLu </3
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last niqht & yesterdayy! [Oct. 10th, 2004|07:49 am]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |gigglygiggly]
[music |my perogative - britney spears]

omgggg yesterday was soo funny.. lol sue! he doesnt kno what hes gettin himself into! .. my spanish folder..me screaming in bagelicious..O MY FUCKING GOD! i was sooooo scared! ha .. tha glow sticks.. WE`RE OVERR!!..ohh lett mee touchh lmao .. HE MIGHT BE ON THA FOOTBALL TEAMM!! - me flipping out over that!!..haha too funny ..then tha bowling alley wit lisa .. when we ate lyk 3 bagels! .. bowling for them .. when he fell off - omg i thought i was gonna die! nd soo much more ilug..then back at my house wit lisa nd jill !! omgg tha ice & water .. chinese anybody? .. calling dennis .. ew its soo gayy!!..tha cake..american style..tha milk..ALL OF OUR PICTURES! .. jillz crutches..jill falling up tha stairs!..tha glitter..my arm was soo sparklyy!! .. tha gum .. the jolly ranchers..tha pixie sticks!..tha closet..nd sooooo much more! i l0ve u qirLs s0o muCh0 ! <3 bFfl

HOLY SHIT ! i cant wait until saturdayyyyyy!!! susan im screamingg nd jumping up and downn!! haha
jesse i l0ve y0u s0o muchh uu hav n0o ideaa<3
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lAst niiqHt & otHEr stuFf [Oct. 9th, 2004|07:54 am]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |sadupsettt]
[music |i miss youu </3]

srry for my lack of updating .. so much to do ndd soo little tiime* lol .. rec last nite .. i guess it was fun =/ .. tha little theatre was soo funny tho .. james is hilarious! .. jesse ur armed scared tha crap out of me! lol .. the praying mantis .. the little b0y .. fuckk!! .. turn tha lights off .. i kno u from somewhere - im ur neighbor .. gay? - lesbien? .. tha fuck bracelets .. umm u didnt brake it off of me it doesnt mean anything - tie it back on .. it tastes good .. noo it fell! .. eww nick ur such a perv! lol dont worry ur still tha best! ha ilysm bffl * .. ally ur insane! .. ali cut that beef! .. if u dont say sumthin i will! haha toni .. karen tha piggy back riide! .. nooo im not! justin i heard thatt! lol jesse nd justin .. whats she sayingggg?!?!! .. err tell mee!! .. i feel very left of out this convo! .. II KNOOWW!! .. ohh noo nuthing happend ha yeaa riite! .. f0urth grade was tha best yearr!! =]] lol ally ndd andrew<3 been thru evrything together! ha .. I FLEW!! .. u were crazyy!! .. u wild beast! .. nd l0ts m0re * .. ilygsm - bffl <3 .. coMmentt *

ii miss themm soo fucking much</3 jesse i love you soo much..<3 you have noo ideaa =/ you`ll never understand..
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G0 FiREBiRDS ! yEah f0oTbaLl teAm! [Oct. 5th, 2004|08:49 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |curiousii w0Nderr..?]
[music |shadow - ashlee simpson]

omgg home game today..soo muchh funn!..yeahhh woodland firebirds!..we won - go football teamm =] .. looking up evrybody !.. screamingg ourr lungs outt!..runningg around..when i fell down tha stairs..yuummmyy poptarts!!..candy anyone?..M0NEY! .. YEAHH EDDIE! .. YEAHH TOM! .. YEAHH JESSE! <- wow i luv that kid ;] hes soo sexii<3 hehe * .. when i fell off karens back..making new friiends..julie im gonna kill u!!..grrrrr!!..number 19 is really sexii..y0o numberr 61 c0me here!!..SHE SAYS YESS!!..tha cat..adams sweatshirt..guid0 getting stuck..me running around tha block..my arched handstand..omgg l0ok what i can d0o!!..me spraining my ankle "or supposidly"..jumppingg up nd down..lyk oh-my-god!..yeah teamM! haa..today was sooo muchh funn!!..guido wuldnt that be funny if u flew away?..me falling off karens back..matt wanna open tha door? ha..srry bout that! lol .. julie jamie lisa susan veronica cait adam joe guido jesse eddie matt "numberr 19&61 - ian ndd daniel" tom stephen harris nick karen matt mike francesca ali anthony alex sara randi nicole sammy kara..wow tonite was soooooo funny!! i l0ve u guys s0o much0! bf4e! x0x..coMmentttttt ! * l0Ve y0Oh saMm<3

jeSse ii l0ve y0u s0o muCHh <3
always+f0reverr ... 9-27-04
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W0W * S0O C0NfUSEd [Oct. 3rd, 2004|08:07 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |confusedah duNno anym0re*]
[music |she will be loved - maroon 5]

aww jAckie u l0oked s0o pretty t0day! andd did soo good yesterday! =D .. ahh sari coke and pepsi was too funnie! .. pit its a boy haha .. jess i wuld say hi but i thought ud be lyk who tha hell is that? but now ill say hii lol .. ii luvv th0se little smileys! haha susan .. vero blazing amazing! haha that convo was wayy too funnie! .. i luhvv yu qirls soo much0 * bFfl .. ahh duNno anym0re * ally nd sue thanx soo much for evrythinqq! .. al ur tha bestest everr!! u shuld feel soo loved<3 ha .. ily2d * bFfL - yes orr noo ? .. ahh y does this hav to be suchh a hard decision ?! ahhhh .. coMmentt * x0x . saMm *

jeSse ii l0ve y0u s0o muCh0 <33
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TONITE WAS THA BESTEST EVERR! [Oct. 1st, 2004|10:29 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |happyhappyyy !!!]
[music |ii love you sooo mucho ]

omgggggggg tonite was tha bestestt everr !! .. jeSse - raNdi - niCk .. omg u guys r tha best ! tonite was amazingg !! .. tha ice .. tha paintbrushh .. jesse that records it .. when jesse recorded randi and nickk .. the livestrongg !! .. myy cellie .. jesse press * !! .. callingg himm .. omgg they hugged! pick me up im in shock .. u had to go around to go over tha same thing? .. umm how old r uu ? .. tha batteries .. negative and positive .. kiss mee!! .. go in tha corner .. ur disabled and in a wheel chair .. i gotta pee!! .. woOps uu fell .. tha couchh .. the ball!! .. thats awesome!! .. we`re richh .. two tvs! one on top of tha otherr .. 3,000 suwe! .. tha nail .. tha liddle cut .. nick ur soo retarded ! .. me knocking tha coke out of nicks hand .. im lyk cinderella .. u smell good - so do uu! .. whys it lyk that ? .. randis shoes .. tha socks .. its up to ur knuckles! ha .. its lyk teaching a blind person to read a letter .. im soo stupid it scares me! .. now we kno y im not in high honors! .. .. eww thats gross !! .. urr foot is soo much bigger !! .. tha traiin !! .. no caffeine ?! .. its locked .. tha code iss?? .. im gonna get nightmaress!! .. my puppy .. umm ew? .. take him in tha cornerr !! .. diirtyy riich ! .. tha pretzels .. DONT MOVE! .. nooo ur gonna step on it agaiin !! .. whatt loserss!! .. the chair !! .. i want it ! .. uu hav tha same color hairr!! .. i gotta peee !! .. and sooooooooo much moree !! ilygssm !! bestt friendss foreverrr * wayy tOo fuNniie ! .. * leave a coMmenntt * .. luhvv uu alwayss -> saMmy
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ii LoVe YoU sOo MuCh YoU hAvE nOo IdEa </3 [Sep. 26th, 2004|11:56 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |nervousnervous]
[music |predictable - good charlotte]

wentt to tha mall today - major shopping =D .. got suchh sexzii cl0thes * jill ill share ii kept u in miind d0ne w0rry .. hah .. cait there soo sexzii!! hehe <3 .. randi majorrrr crises !! .. riss - funny convo ! hah .. shannon - omgggg uu just had to provoke it ! haha ` im in suchh deep shiitt ! .. aww mitch!! urr soo niice<3 - i never said u said it i was just letting u kno bef0re u said it .. ALLISONN! omgg how sexzii is it ?! .. i got them backk!! ii miss them ohh soo mucho
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heartbroken </3 [Sep. 25th, 2004|03:31 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |sadsooooo sad !!]
[music |welcome to my life - simple plan]

omgg soooo much happened this week ! not gonna type it all tho .. ill try to write lader t0o - coMment..*

jav .. ur tha bestestt everr !! ah im soo happy they are - finally ! ha .. hes soo loud .. i banged myy headd on it - ur soo stupid ! .. soo u kno if its missing dont get worried .. i can use tha sponges !! .. haha suchh funny times * ur soo funny ! .. ilysssm .. best friends forever *

susan ally and sari * thanks for everythinq ! ilygsm * bFfL
lisa and susan - our lunch convo .. haha funny times funny times * ily girls <3
temple t0day - sooo funny !! lol dayna jaclyn andrew and danny *

i only wanna be with u </3
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hEhe .. 0=] [Sep. 16th, 2004|08:29 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |annoyedaNnOyEdDd !]
[music |cadillac pimpin - youngbloodz]



From Go-Quiz.com
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you think you know but you have no idea [Sep. 16th, 2004|08:20 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |blahbLah - duNno aNym0re]
[music |liviiNq in tha shad0w ..]

omgg i got a puppy!! .. it soo cute =D .. raNdii our convos r soo funny ! haha .. 1st 2nd 3rdd andd hOome ! .. FOUR - HOLY SHIT ! .. yuck yuck yuck yuck yuckk!! .. bribary - wonderful concept ;] ;] .. tOday att serviCes - soo fuNny ! =P .. lol - julie jamie andrew danny ross andd alex <3 .. ii saww renee !! =] =] .. hehe <3 .. canttt wait til next weekenddd ! -- i havv to go to services again =[ .. but i get to see hayleyy !! omggg i miss herr soo much <3 tha show wont be tha same w/o u guys !! ilugggg <3 .. i duNno anym0re =/ .. sooo undecided ! .. you have noooooo idea how much i love you !! .. more thenn anythinqq ..omgggg mw - miss u guys lyk crazyyyyy !! suMmer o4 was tha best everr !! andd suMmer o5 is just gonna be betterr !! =] =] .. leAve a coMmeNtt ..

jav i love you more then you`ll everrrr knoww! <3 alwayss&f0reverr <3
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