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camp reunion todayyy !! - some people spend a life time searching for what i found in your eyes<3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
<33always .. sammy *

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camp reunion todayyy !! [Jan. 9th, 2005|02:05 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |weirdamazing mood! <3]
[music |1,2 step - ciara]

phOne with andrew bc he's sOo cool nd my best friend ever! lol haha lysm bffl - funny convo couting the minutes nd the seconds nd the rest that u know! haha ily bffl .. SAW MY CAMP FRIENDS TODAYYY ! wooo hoo! haha i missed them soo much! amazingg morning guyss! i miss u guys like crazy already though<//3 lol .. matt u didnt let me take one!! haha good thing u remembered! haha ilysm misseddd uu!! .. matt [ lil matt! lol ] i got onee! haha .. dan take one with her .. ally i took ur dunkin donuts thing again! lol six flags but w/o a doubt the best ever! haha lmao nd soo much more ilugsm . warren he isntt! lol haha mell crazyy convo! haha ii love you all soo much<3 bffl alwaysss .. caitlyn our stories nd pics on the ride! lmao ilysm bfffl .. comment<3 try to write lader after rehearsal =] jesse i love you so muchh<3 susan - i lied? lol haha uu know what im talking about .. not writing it! lmao ilysm bffl <33alwayssss * sammmyyy<33