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billy`s barmitzvahhh!!! - some people spend a life time searching for what i found in your eyes<3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
<33always .. sammy *

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billy`s barmitzvahhh!!! [Jan. 8th, 2005|11:28 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |baby you should let me love you]

omg billys barmitzvah was sooo amazing!! best ever!! .. i love you alll soooooooooooo muchhhhh!! best friends foreverrr andd everr<33 .. the coke nd yeahh lol .. harris andrew jesse nd billy u guys were soo wastedddd!! holy crap .. jesse u def. were! haha now u learned how to slow dance! i feel bad ! ha .. numbres omg i won everytime ohh yeahh! lol i taught u how to work the book!! lol nd moree - holy shit i love you soo much u dont even know!! .. andrew i wont say anything but give me a mikenike! .. allison everything that happened! holy shit! lmfao bfffl<3 .. nick nd allison we took lyk 10000000 pics of the 3 of us u guys are the bestest ever and dunno wtf id do without either of you! always here and best friends no matter what! its forever!!! .. jill we almost made a fireee! holy crap! lmao .. mike give it too mee riite noww! lol .. chris omg i havent talked to u in lyk forever nd ever! lol .. brenden u were loadeddd! lol .. julie everything ! hahahah great times!.. nicole ur amazing ! haha .. we danceddd!! lol lmao ilysm always here<3 he's an ass dont worry! lmao .. lana omggg cant wait woo hoooo!! lol ilysm bfffl .. randi u kno! haha ilysm bffl .. harris i did my best<3 dont worry everything will be okay! ilysm thanks 4 everythin bfffl always! .. and soooooooo much more!! best nite everrr i love you guys sfffffm!

commentt.. <33always, sam

jesse i love you soo much!!!
you dont even know .. your everything to me

i never REALLY realized it until tonite .. <3333