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t0DAy * hAPpy 1 m0NTh jeSse <33 - some people spend a life time searching for what i found in your eyes<3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
<33always .. sammy *

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t0DAy * hAPpy 1 m0NTh jeSse <33 [Oct. 27th, 2004|03:36 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |highhigh hahah riss ily bfffl]
[music |you will always be my boo <33]

wow..soo tired..i look like i got just back from florida im soo red! haha julie..jill likee urr chocolate milk? lmao..jesse ur soooo mean too mee!! hahaha i cann soo! :-P ilyssm..jav u shuld care! u really shuld! ur littlee dooodiee! omg im soo obsessed its way too funnie! haha lmao ily bffl !!..dennis ew i hate u ! u dont do that! u just dont! lmao bffffffl ilu..toni hes sooo meannn lmao lets catch upp!!!..dan wat does he sayy??..aj its good i promise nd i wont haha ily bffl..nick ur too blonde haha ily..brandon it wasnt workingggggggg!! errr haha soo its not really my fault that it was going soo slow! haha ily..ross hes like my warren! =[..andrew u dirty perv!..jared nd arielle-spanishh haha lmao ilyg bffl..nicole DONTTTT forgett!!..riss i amm on crackk or at least thats wat it feels like!! ahhh !! haha lmao ily bffl..jenna u walked tha whole thingg! haha lmaooo ily bffl..pit awwww haha ily bffl..ndd soo much more!!..everyday i wish u didnt have to go</3 coMmentt * ahh i miss him soo much<3 nick u petrayed me but i still lovee youuu!! hahaha ilyssm bffl ur the bestest! thanx for everythinggg!! jeSse ii l0VE y0u s0O muCHhh !! aAf.. happy 1 moNthhh <33 ..aAf