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some people spend a life time searching for what i found in your eyes<3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
<33always .. sammy *

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=) !!!!!!! [Jul. 25th, 2005|06:01 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |sugar we're going down - fall out boy]

=)!!!!! just got like amazingggg news!! ahh so happy =) haha jav ilu bfffl thanks so much!!!..wow i haven't updated in like forever - summer 2005 absolutely insane! merrick woods - wow i love you guys sooooo muchhhh!!! best times ever!! you guys are AMAZiNG! bfffL . dynamic cuatro / fantastic 4 ; me cait frankie & zach fucken amazing times! i love you guys so much - frankie i misss youuu!!! i love you guys<3 yesterday - beach with nicole - wow that guy was definately queer! haha then at billy's house billy & dan wow i love u guys funny convo on the trampoline! =) u guys amuse us so much haha then the rainbow fish wow i was so amused! haha i love u guys <3 bff - anthony god he's such a duesch! haha apparently my life is very amusing which is a good thing bc it keeps u busy haha nd apparently ur very hott ;) haha funny convo i miss you so much! t4e xox ill try to update a lot since i havent been updating in like forever commmennnnnttttt <3 i love you so much - nd btw susans a faggggg =P haha i love u bfffff funny convo this morning! haha C0KE & PEPSi - D0N'TTT MiXX!!! haha susan 2 dayss bitchhhh =O
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camp reunion todayyy !! [Jan. 9th, 2005|02:05 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |weirdamazing mood! <3]
[music |1,2 step - ciara]

phOne with andrew bc he's sOo cool nd my best friend ever! lol haha lysm bffl - funny convo couting the minutes nd the seconds nd the rest that u know! haha ily bffl .. SAW MY CAMP FRIENDS TODAYYY ! wooo hoo! haha i missed them soo much! amazingg morning guyss! i miss u guys like crazy already though<//3 lol .. matt u didnt let me take one!! haha good thing u remembered! haha ilysm misseddd uu!! .. matt [ lil matt! lol ] i got onee! haha .. dan take one with her .. ally i took ur dunkin donuts thing again! lol six flags but w/o a doubt the best ever! haha lmao nd soo much more ilugsm . warren he isntt! lol haha mell crazyy convo! haha ii love you all soo much<3 bffl alwaysss .. caitlyn our stories nd pics on the ride! lmao ilysm bfffl .. comment<3 try to write lader after rehearsal =] jesse i love you so muchh<3 susan - i lied? lol haha uu know what im talking about .. not writing it! lmao ilysm bffl <33alwayssss * sammmyyy<33
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billy`s barmitzvahhh!!! [Jan. 8th, 2005|11:28 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |baby you should let me love you]

omg billys barmitzvah was sooo amazing!! best ever!! .. i love you alll soooooooooooo muchhhhh!! best friends foreverrr andd everr<33 .. the coke nd yeahh lol .. harris andrew jesse nd billy u guys were soo wastedddd!! holy crap .. jesse u def. were! haha now u learned how to slow dance! i feel bad ! ha .. numbres omg i won everytime ohh yeahh! lol i taught u how to work the book!! lol nd moree - holy shit i love you soo much u dont even know!! .. andrew i wont say anything but give me a mikenike! .. allison everything that happened! holy shit! lmfao bfffl<3 .. nick nd allison we took lyk 10000000 pics of the 3 of us u guys are the bestest ever and dunno wtf id do without either of you! always here and best friends no matter what! its forever!!! .. jill we almost made a fireee! holy crap! lmao .. mike give it too mee riite noww! lol .. chris omg i havent talked to u in lyk forever nd ever! lol .. brenden u were loadeddd! lol .. julie everything ! hahahah great times!.. nicole ur amazing ! haha .. we danceddd!! lol lmao ilysm always here<3 he's an ass dont worry! lmao .. lana omggg cant wait woo hoooo!! lol ilysm bfffl .. randi u kno! haha ilysm bffl .. harris i did my best<3 dont worry everything will be okay! ilysm thanks 4 everythin bfffl always! .. and soooooooo much more!! best nite everrr i love you guys sfffffm!

commentt.. <33always, sam

jesse i love you soo much!!!
you dont even know .. your everything to me

i never REALLY realized it until tonite .. <3333
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thats all i really want .. [Jan. 6th, 2005|08:42 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |breathe :+: sretch :+: shake :+: let it go]

ahh this sux soo much nd thats all im asking for<//3 jEsse i love you soo much<3 .. band is really funnnyyy!! lol bammmm!!! ha .. u def. are lyk tha stupidest .. haha ilysm jEnna its sooo sexyyy!!! haha i worked so hard nd finally finished<3 soo beautifull* lol julie u have to tell himm!! omggg that would be sooooo freakenn funny! lmaoo lysm bffl gym is soo funny! allison that was insanity! always here for you no matter what for ever and ever <3 ilysfgdm bffffl always* harris always here<3 stephen ur soo sexii nd i need a pic of u by urselff bc u need ur own page! haha jared -- NOO !! they took my sidee =]!! haha lol ily bffl rocco i hate u soooo much! ahha jav ur soo helpful! ALWAYSS! .. ah we both forgott!! omgg !! haha ilysm bffl<3 * thanks so much ur the bestest everrrr! i'm soo nice to u its soo scary<3 we`re soo good at language arts! haha xox .. ahh soo much happens =/ haha .. OMG hebrew was soo insane today! lmaooooo ilugsm! julie me nd u should join the cirus! id pay to see that!!!!!!! lmaooo jared nd julie we flippp!! haha ilug<3 commenttt .. <33always
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happy birthday lisa & happy new years =D [Jan. 1st, 2005|10:00 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |let me love you]

omg tonite was amazing! lmaoo ilu girls soo much [[ susan nd jill ]] .. we took amazing pics! ahha .. my comp was being so retarded soo it took soo long to load them! haha amazing times ilugsfm bffl <33always ! .. tom i almost fell down the stairs nd i flew off my dresser! im going along * aww ur crying ? haha that convo was wayy too funnie i wont say nething i promise! haha ilysm bffl .. 8 dayss! woo hoo ! .. lana omg im soo gooodd ! haha .. happy birthday lisa! ilusm bffl .. happy new years its 2005! yayyy ! lol .. dont feel like typing thats y its soo short haha .. comment *


jesse ilusm <3
tom im soo good at going along! ha ily bffl
8 days - cant wait cait! ha ilysm bffl
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in florida .. happy birthday missy <3 [[ 15 ! ]] [Dec. 25th, 2004|07:33 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |worriedworried]
[music |your so sexy <3]

omgggg i feel soo badd jesse ! haha im soo sorry<3 ilove you soooo muchhhh! .. randi crazyy tiiMe ! lmaoo .. harris thanks for everythingg ! if u do nd she does i`ll tell u bc im just ohh soo nice! ill call u tomorrow * .. jesse its soo hott haha noo problemm anyy tiMmee * .. julie ill hang from a pole nd STRETCHH! it could be lyk supermannN!! hha nd knowing me id do it toO! haha -- i stood my ground didnt even lift my foot a tensy bitt ! goo meee<33 haha .. anthony that was suchh a funny convo!! haha keep tryingg dont worry! lol .. nick thank you verrry muchh ! haha u have to tell him that!! haha i love you soo much ur the greatest! thanks for everything ! bfffffl <3 .. ahh qq =/ .. commentt * <33sam

jesse i love you more then anything *
[[ 15 - cant waitttt ! ]]
happy birthday missy <3333

it hurts soo much<//3
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wo0o0o0o0o0o ho0o0o0o0o0o !! hahahaha [Dec. 17th, 2004|03:45 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |since youve been gone - kelly clarkson]

ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finallyyy 12 jesse just think in 2 months ull be a year older then me againnn !! ALLISON FINALLY JUST ONE YEAR AND NOT TWO !! YAYY ! lol .. max nd julie im finally 12 haha ilugsmm .. greattt dayy .. brian its ok uu cann* haha .. nick i feel soo special bc u wuldnt do it for anybody else but mee ! lol .. ali does that say horse? .. noo its not descriptive .. dylan i didnt mean to i swearr !! haha and soo muchh more* amazing dayy ! ilugssmm bfffffl<33

commenttt * jesse i love you soo muchhh<33

x0o .. sam *
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HAPPY 2 M0NTHS JESSE ! [Nov. 27th, 2004|10:39 am]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |i dont wanna be <3]

happyyy 2 monthhss jesse .. ii love you sooo muchhh * .. jesse i cant find it ! .. uhh wrong one woopss .. where did the phone numbers go ?!?! .. I FOUND IT ! just try random numbers haha .. wow that was funny haha just bc im slow doesnt mean u can make fun of me .. haha <3 ilysm .. yesterday was great =] - jesse julie susan billy nd harris ilugsm bffl .. the couch .. the pillow .. THE DOG ! .. truth or dare .. how to burn food off .. california high .. jenga .. guess who ? .. exercise .. umm i think u should tell me ! .. jesse r u sure ? LMAO ! i believe u dont worry<3 haha .. nd so much more * u guys r the bestt everr .. xox .. SUSAN I WAS GONNA FUCKING KILL HIMM ! .. jesse i felt soo badd! ahha .. i cant believe he did that ! .. we went on a cleaning rampage ! the cookies!! haha ilysm bffffl *
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HAPPY BiRTHDAY T0M !! iLUSM <3 [Nov. 26th, 2004|07:41 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |curiousduNno ?]
[music |beautiful soul - jesse mcartney]

wow i havent written in here in lyk a monthh .. omggg gym is soo muchh funn !! hahaha lmfao ally toni julie nick harris arielle nd danielle ilugsfm <3 bffl .. omgg rachh my chair was gonna fall over! theres lyk an earthquake back there nd its soo dead! haha ily xox .. randi that nite! im gonna take him out of the chair ! .. cait nd sari 11/12 - LMFAO! screamingg at the screen ! .. the spitballs .. the guys .. terrible movie .. i want me quarter back! .. lipgloss.. theatres.. my bed room .. nick lmaoooo! .. can i name ur balls ? .. beauty nd beast ., wanna get laid ? nd soo much more lugsfm! bffl .. caitlyn the next nite was wayyy too crazy ! we were soo drunk ! ilusfm greatesttt times ! bfffl .. 11/19 - best nite everrrr! ilu girls soo much <3 randz nicole lana ally julie court gill sue cait sari lyss kimmy kara goldfart ali jamie lara .. xox .. nd that day was soo funny! .. i walked into the door . ughh woops lol jesse nd brenden .. ew its uu .. haha jav ilysm bfffl * nick those notes r wayy too funny omg! ILYSM bFfl<3 .. susan last nite was SOO funny ! u pushed me into the fannN!! holy crapp! raving ur closest!! lmao ilysm bffl .. anthony - omg we deinately shouldd! we shuld protest ! i wish u had another yearr<3 the fishing trip was amazing nd i was soo dead serious when i asked that! hahaha ilysm i miss youu<333 .. jesse ur soo good at it ! omg its soo funny thoughhh .. umm suckss for u but i`ll save uu some bc im soo nice haha .. I HATE HER! .. omg that convo was soo funny nd um so r mine! haha ilyssssm!

jeSse ii LoVe y0U s0o MuCHhhh<3333
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t0DAy * hAPpy 1 m0NTh jeSse <33 [Oct. 27th, 2004|03:36 pm]
<33always .. sammy *
[mood |highhigh hahah riss ily bfffl]
[music |you will always be my boo <33]

wow..soo tired..i look like i got just back from florida im soo red! haha julie..jill likee urr chocolate milk? lmao..jesse ur soooo mean too mee!! hahaha i cann soo! :-P ilyssm..jav u shuld care! u really shuld! ur littlee dooodiee! omg im soo obsessed its way too funnie! haha lmao ily bffl !!..dennis ew i hate u ! u dont do that! u just dont! lmao bffffffl ilu..toni hes sooo meannn lmao lets catch upp!!!..dan wat does he sayy??..aj its good i promise nd i wont haha ily bffl..nick ur too blonde haha ily..brandon it wasnt workingggggggg!! errr haha soo its not really my fault that it was going soo slow! haha ily..ross hes like my warren! =[..andrew u dirty perv!..jared nd arielle-spanishh haha lmao ilyg bffl..nicole DONTTTT forgett!!..riss i amm on crackk or at least thats wat it feels like!! ahhh !! haha lmao ily bffl..jenna u walked tha whole thingg! haha lmaooo ily bffl..pit awwww haha ily bffl..ndd soo much more!!..everyday i wish u didnt have to go</3 coMmentt * ahh i miss him soo much<3 nick u petrayed me but i still lovee youuu!! hahaha ilyssm bffl ur the bestest! thanx for everythinggg!! jeSse ii l0VE y0u s0O muCHhh !! aAf.. happy 1 moNthhh <33 ..aAf
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